Whether you are starting a new practice or experienced in business, membership to the BoxingYoga™ Coaches Association (BYCA) is essential to help you get the most from your BoxingYoga™ expertise and build a long and successful career.

Membership to the BYCA provides access to powerful business resources and services, including license to a wide-range of BoxingYoga™ brand assets, Head Office marketing support, consultation advice on negotiating contracts with venues, exclusive job offers and much more.

BYCA membership is only available to BoxingYoga™ Coaches and Trainees and is a requirement when progressing to BoxingYoga™ Mentor, Assessor, Head Coach and Master Coach.

The essential benefits of BYCA membership, include:

 BYCA members get exclusive access to a range of BoxingYoga ™  assets.

BYCA members get exclusive access to a range of BoxingYoga™ assets.

Access to an ever-growing selection of BRANDing assets

  • Use of official BoxingYoga™ logo and trademarks
  • Use of BoxingYoga™ photography and graphics
  • Use of original BoxingYoga™ music
  • Printable BoxingYoga™ business card, flyer and poster templates

ability to PROMOTe yourself to thousands of boxingyoga™ fans around the world

  BYCA members benefit from 10,000+   social media fans worldwide.

BYCA members benefit from 10,000+ social media fans worldwide.

  • Directory listing on the BoxingYoga™ Website
  • Professional profile on the BoxingYoga™ Blog including contact and location
  • Promotion through official BoxingYoga™ social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Promotion through the global BoxingYoga™ newsletter

get connected to a global COMMUNITY of fellow byca members and BOXINGYOGA™ experts for support and advice

  • Access to the global BoxingYoga™ Coaches community network
  • Invitation to exclusive BoxingYoga™ Coaches events

have the full benefit of BOXINGYOGA™ HEAD OFFICE support for your business wherever you are in the world

  • Social media marketing support and advice
  • Business development support and advice
  • Legal support including prepared contracts

be first in line with OPPORTUNITIES to work at one-off special events or regular classes

  • Invitation to teach at BoxingYoga™ Partner Venues
  • Invitation to teach at festivals, shows and retreats world-wide

grow your knowledge and expertise with specialist events at low-to-zero cost

  • Invitation to BoxingYoga™ Masterclasses & Workshops
  • Opportunities to receive video recordings of Masterclasses & Workshops
  • Access to exclusive posture updates and variations
  • Opportunity to progress to BoxingYoga™ Mentor, Head Coach, Assessor, Master Coach and Franchisee


Membership to the BYCA is available to BoxingYoga™ Trainees and Coaches and can begin anytime from the date of enrollment in a BoxingYoga™ Teacher Training Course. Choose your preferred currency and sign-up, today.


Membership to the BYCA is a minimum 12 months plus 1 month cancellation at any time. For full terms and conditions please refer to your BoxingYoga™ Coach License Agreement. If you have any questions say or call us on +44 (0)333 1234506.


For venue licensing and access to a range of BoxingYoga™ marketing assets, please contact us.