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Born in a boxing club, BoxingYoga™ abandons yoga's more traditional conventions - chanting, esoteric beliefs underlying yoga philosophy and Sanskrit terminology. BoxingYoga™ instead merges boxing technique with traditional and innovative yoga postures in a 60 minute class format and directly targets improved sporting performance.

Follow BoxingYoga™ Master Coach, Kajza Ekberg in the comfort of your own home with clear demonstration and vocal instructions. Available to download as a full class or by each of the four stages.

From the first round, BoxingYoga will have you on the ropes. However accomplished a boxer or experienced a yogi you are, this class will have your whole body working and see you emerge more sweat than anything. BoxingYoga has succeeded in creating a strength-building workout that isn’t an insult to this ancient tradition.
— Men's Health


For your convenience, each of the BoxingYoga™ stages are available to purchase individually. Download any stage you find will suit your needs and complement your every day training at home or at the gym.  


This stage is comprised of three rounds:

1. Get going
2. Test your balance
3. Work your squats

The Warm-up stage is a routine of boxing techniques, yoga poses and warm-up exercises that will get you into 'the zone'. Warming up properly is essential for all training, whatever your fitness level or body. It will get your blood circulation flowing and bring awareness to the use of breath synchronized with movement. The Warm-up also combines exercises to open up and mobilize your body, alternating between contracted and expansive movement. Take it easy at the start - in fact, see if you can eventually memorize the rounds by heart and perform them as slowly as you can. There is no need to rush this part, instead take your time and enjoy the ride. 



This stage is comprised of four rounds:

4. The core challenge
5. Abdominal killer
6. Lunge to success
7. Back conditioning

The Strength stage consists of whole-body strengthening exercises - with special emphasis on the core - from planks and sit-ups to back bends. Each round focuses on a particular area of the body - you will soon know exactly where as this stage is gonna hurt - but trust us, this is what you need to build extreme muscular endurance in the most "gentle" way. By gentle we mean that you will work slowly and given the chance to focus on your alignment while flexing one muscle and then stretching it straight away. You will also have the time to breathe, see how far you can push yourself and never - ever - let go of your core!



This stage is comprised of two rounds:

8. Rotating spine sequence
9. BoxingYoga™ Flow sequence 

This stage will stretch and strengthen your entire body. It works on explosive movements and develops muscular endurance. With a flow of signature BoxingYoga poses, the Mobility stage represents the two most challenging rounds within the class. You can expect to develop lower body strength from holding the lunge poses, as well as upper body and core strength from for example these extremely challenging and effective Sequence. Finally, this stage works on increasing balance and range of movement by fully exploring and testing your all around body awareness.



This stage is comprised of three rounds:

10. Balance test
11. Deep stretches  
12. Final relaxation 

This cool-down stage will give you time to integrate all that you have learnt and developed throughout the class. Use this in your balancing poses. The awareness of breath, alignment and core is essential here. Practice this after any of your work-outs and you will find yourself calm, stretched and recovered for days! 


Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be able to access the BoxingYoga™ class video?

Once you have made your payment you will redirected to the video page, where you will be able to watch the video in a browser or download it to your device so you can watch it offline. Be sure to bookmark the link, or contact us if you misplace it.

Is there a time limit to how long the videos are available?

There are no time limits to video availability. Once you've purchased them, you have eternal access.

Can I play the videos offline or will I need internet access every time I use it?

Yes you can! Simply download the video and you won't need to be online every time you want to use it.

Do you have any physical locations where I can take the class?

We have instructors in more than 24 countries worldwide. If you would like to find a class near you please contact us.



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