• Hotel Hacienda Los Molinos (map)
  • Chiriqui
  • Panama

Expo Salud y Deportes (Health and Sports Expo) is a sports event that takes place every year in different provinces in Panama. This year it reaches the highlands of the province of Chiriqui in alliance with Hotel Hacienda Los Molinos, a beautiful boutique hotel located at a canyon at the banks of the Cochea River, sorrounded by nature, outstanding views and cool weather. Panama's first BoxingYoga™ Coach, Ana, was invited by the organising staff to participate in the "Fitness Clinics" to exhibit BoxingYoga™.

Ana will be sharing the experience with other nationally recognised coaches of kickboxing, krav maga, crossfit, functionals and zumba. It will also feature stands, nutrition talks, power lifting competitions, activities for kids and more. Ana is proud to be with BoxingYoga™ as one of the events' sponsors.

Cost: USD 8.00

For more information contact Ana on: hola@anamariachanis.com