Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions we get asked about BoxingYoga™. We hope you find the answers helpful and informative, but if you don't find what you're looking for, contact us.


Is BoxingYoga™ designed only for boxers?

BoxingYoga™ was originally developed for boxers, but because it can benefit everyone, it has proven popular and beneficial to anyone who wishes to develop strength and flexibility. Today, BoxingYoga™ is practiced by a wide variety of individuals and athletes, including yogis, mixed-martial artists, rugby players and runners.

How does BoxingYoga™ mix boxing with yoga?

BoxingYoga™ merges Ashtanga postures with technical aspects and strengthening exercises from a boxer's training regime. There is no actual fighting in BoxingYoga™. Rather, it is a flowing movement that works through the whole body with an emphasis on stretching, strength and alignment.

I'm not flexible and I'm new to boxing, can I do BoxingYoga™?

You don't have to be flexible in order to practice BoxingYoga™. Practicing BoxingYoga™ develops flexibility! You also do not need to have any boxing experience. In fact, BoxingYoga™ provides those new to boxing with an introduction to boxing technique.

I have recently been injured, should I try BoxingYoga™?

It is important that you inform your BoxingYoga™ Coach about any physical limitations before the beginning of the class so that caution and modified postures can be provided. If you are unsure as to whether you should do any training at all, please consult your doctor.

When practiced with care, BoxingYoga™ has shown to offer great physical support to prevent and recover from injuries by building up weak muscles and re-gain mobility, balance and control.

Does BoxingYoga™ contradict the principle of ahimsa?

Just as the traditional postures in yoga are consistent with the principles of ahimsa (non-violence), so too the 'boxing' integration in BoxingYoga™ is consistent with the principles of ahimsa. Neither involves harming any living beings in any shape or form.

Are boxing and yoga not contradictory?

Boxing and yoga may appear contradictory to those new to boxing and/or yoga respectively, and much of this confusion is due to the presumption that boxing is aggressive while yoga is peacefully relaxing.

Contrary to popular opinion, boxing is not about aggression. In fact, boxers cannot afford distracting emotions. They must remain calm and focused in the ring (and the gym) to perform at their best. Boxing is about refusing to give up, work hard in an intelligent, calm and mindful manner. BoxingYoga™ promotes such an attitude in the attempt to develop physical and mental strength and flexibility on the mat. Needless to say, yoga is also about remaining calm, focused and relaxed in difficult and challenging postures.

However, yoga is not just about peaceful relaxation. In fact, yogis have to achieve tremendous strength in the body and mind in order to maintain balance in the challenging and remarkable postures they are renowned for.

This demands hard work, consistent practice and discipline, in addition to co-ordination, balance, alignment and mind-body awareness.

Where is the boxing element in BoxingYoga™?

BoxingYoga™ is a yoga-based training system, designed to complement a boxer's work out and does therefore not include impact or high tempo 'boxing' training.

By example, BoxingYoga™ focusses on counter-stretching, by opening up the chest and shoulders, releasing tension in the hips, developing a supple spine and strengthening the arms, the legs and the core.

BoxingYoga™ visits fundamental boxing postures, but in slow and deliberate motion, including the jab, the cross, the hook, the slip and the weave, to help reinforce technique and provide those new to boxing with a means to cultivate a technically correct practice from the start.

How is BoxingYoga™ different from stretching or other kinds of fitness?

BoxingYoga™ is a unique form of practice as it is designed to complement a boxer's training regime; integrating boxing technique in to a yoga based work out system. It provides an equal balance between strength and flexibility with an emphasis on injury prevention and correct alignment. You can expect to push your limits, work hard and sweat yet leave feeling re-energised, stretched out and relaxed.