According to Healthy Living London, 'BoxingYoga is a class that's taking the world by storm. Designed to support athletes, fighters and those with an active lifestyle, it's a delicate mash-up of the different values that rule each activity, and improves mental and physical strength, maximises performance, prevents injury and maintains health.'

And, the good news is, you can now enjoy BoxingYoga™ wherever you are in the world.

The BoxingYoga™ Home Workout is available on DVD or Download. Follow BoxingYoga™ Co-Founder and Master Coach, Kajza Ekberg in the comfort of your own home as she leads a full-length BoxingYoga™ class, guiding you through the entire 12 session programme.

A lot of fighters don’t know how to stretch properly. BoxingYoga has everything they need.
— Scott Quigg, former World Boxing Champion