BoxingYoga™ Career Path

BoxingYoga™ has been described as a 'fitness phenomenon' and demand has never been higher, all over the world. Whatever your ambition, the BoxingYoga™ career path guides you on your journey from trainee to Master Coach and beyond. 

BoxingYoga™ Coach

BoxingYoga™ Teacher Training is designed to give anyone the confidence and skills to become a successful BoxingYoga™ Coach wherever you are in the world.  

Available as an Online Course or Venue-based Course, this is how you become a professional BoxingYoga™ Coach, ready to teach anywhere in the world. 

As soon as you have enrolled in your course you join our vibrant family of like-minded BoxingYoga™ enthusiasts everywhere from Auckland to LA . 


We believe there is something beautiful about teaching – sharing knowledge is contagious and we can’t get enough of it. The BoxingYoga™ Mentor Scheme is the ideal way for you to take the next step in your career towards the BoxingYoga™ Head Coach certification.

As a BoxingYoga™ Mentor you are encouraged to support BoxingYoga™ trainees around the world, provide advice on their training and share your experiences. 


The gateway to becoming a qualified BoxingYoga™ Coach is the BoxingYoga™ Assessor. Against defined criteria, all BoxingYoga™ coaches go through an official assessment to ensure the quality of their teaching.

Once you are a BoxingYoga™ Head Coach, you can progress and become a BoxingYoga™ Assessor, and even a Quality Assuror who assesses the assessor.. Seems complicated? Its’ not – just a crucial step on the way.


As a BoxingYoga™ Head Coach you are not only certified to lead Workshops and Masterclasses but also Teacher Training courses at locations around the world. You inspire wherever you go and represent the best of BoxingYoga™.

You are also certified to give Online Teacher Training Courses which is an excellent career path if you prefer to work from your home on a one-to-one basis. Your hours also provide you with maximum flexibility and earning potential!


If you really want to get down to business, this is where you are heading. BoxingYoga™ Master Coaches know the drill; how to teach classes, workshops, events, masterclasses, Teacher Training Courses, how to assess trainees and assessors and how to teach Head Coaches.

Perhaps even more important, BoxingYoga™ Master Coaches know how to inspire, motivate and build the BoxingYoga™ community all over the world. 


As a BoxingYoga™ Franchise Owner you believe in everything BoxingYoga™ stands for and your own ability to support and build BoxingYoga™ in your venue or region.

The highest honour we can give, and with the full backing of BoxingYoga™ HQ, our BoxingYoga™ Franchise Owners are the envy of the fitness community, carefully selected and proudly boasting the BoxingYoga™ brand.