BoxingYoga™ in the Media

Featured in Boxing News, Men's Health, The Times and many others, here are our favourite BoxingYoga™ articles in the world's press.

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“The class left me feeling full of energy and I couldn't wait for the next class. I've since started going regularly and I'm really starting to master the moves and to see big changes to my body. It really motivates me to keep going.”
Female First

“Forget deep-breathing in a village hall, the new fitness craze takes place in a boxing club.”
Daily Mail

“From the first round, BoxingYoga will have you on the ropes. However accomplished a boxer or experienced yogi you are, this class will have your whole body quivering and see you emerge more sweat than man. BoxingYoga has succeeded in creating a strength-building workout that isn't an insult to this ancient tradition, or the men doing it.”
Men's Health


“BoxingYoga stretched me - literally - to my limits. This is a great fat-busting workout which also focuses the mind - and is loads of fun to boot. I'm left hooked - geddit?!”
Healthy Magazine

“I can tell BoxingYoga is going to be the next big workout craze, the positions are intense and like all yoga when done properly you'll be feeling it!”
Brunette That Sweats

“Yoga for tough guys. How a yoga regime devised for boxers became a fitness phenomenon. The discipline abandons many of yoga's more traditional conventions - chanting, incense and Sanskrit terminology - and focuses on more streamlined activity, directly targeting improved sporting performance.”
Forever Sports Magazine

“BoxingYoga has apparently tapped into a rich seam of punters who want a form of yoga that is stronger, harder, more no-nonsense than its spiritual cousins. It might not be for the yoga purists, but if you're bored with gentle stretching and joss sticks and want a proper workout, BoxingYoga could be the answer.”
The Times

“Did you hang up your boxing gloves when you found yoga? Now there's no need. BoxingYoga™, the latest yoga hybrid workout, is attracting fans from inside and outside the ring, and it's about to expand in the U.S.”
Yoga Journal

“How great I felt afterwards - loose, energetic, light on my feet. I'm not done with yoga yet.”
The Guardian

“Move over Bikram, there's a new hardcore yoga class in town!”

“I consider myself a pretty consistent yoga practitioner. I try and practice a heated vinyasa five times a week. I also used to do martial arts growing up, so I really thought that BoxingYoga would be something I would be familiar with. Not the case. Although the movements are grounded in martial arts and yoga, the way they are presented makes this a very challenging workout. I think athletes will love this - I appreciated the constant movement - a good sequence with a strong flow meant that even when I was resting, it was active rest. I'm definitely sore in different muscles and I can see myself integrating this sequence into my practice once a week.”
Mala, creator of health and wellness programs for the U.S. Navy and Marines

“As more of a yogi rather than a boxer, it felt like a really good, controlled core workout, and an incredibly strong vinyasa flow class. It sounds mad but it totally works - boxing and yoga sit in harmony with one another and each offers a unique aspect to the other that I really enjoyed.”
Project Hot B*tch

“Founded by Matt Garcia (of Total Boxer) and Kajza Ekberg (dancer and yoga instructor), BoxingYoga is a class that's taking the world by storm. Designed to support athletes, fighters and those with an active lifestyle, it's a delicate mash-up of the different values that rule each activity, and improves mental and physical strength, maximises performance, prevents injury and maintains health.”
Healthy Living London

“By the end of the session, I am exhausted but elated. Whereas with other yoga classes I've often believed I've done my body some good, here I really feel I've had a proper workout.”
Top Santé Magazine

“This fabulous fusion was created to explore a boxer's strengths and weaknesses alongside those of a yogi, ultimately resulting in common ground for a new, contemporary style. Everyone from rock stars to nurses are trying to tackle innovative sequences like the newly infamous 'Boxing Goddess.' Give it a try and reap the benefits of what BoxingYoga has to offer.”
Hip and Healthy

“There's no hiding from the fact that it's a tough class, but while you might expect to spend the next day in agony after a similarly gruelling gym class, the combination of movements and relaxation techniques means you come away with a clear mind and bags of energy. After just one week you can already see the improvements to your core stability. Gone is the rather embarrassingly unfit shaking during punches and in its place stronger arms and a determination to continue. Fast forward four weeks and there's a visible difference comparable to weeks of Pilates. Walking taller, sitting up straighter, and the first signs of a toned stomach that I've seen all year.”
Red Online Magazine

“BoxingYoga is a breakthrough practice, which builds the bridge between a seemingly aggressive sport and yoga. Lucy found it much less fierce than she’d expected, much more like tai chi – graceful and controlled, balanced and powerful.”
Yoga Clicks

“BoxingYoga has provided me, a teacher of 20 years, a new way to incorporate some unique transitions from one pose to the next. As a seasoned yoga instructor, I have found the video to be challenging and well instructed. Most of the 55-minute workout was easy to follow. The exercises seem simple, but not too easy to do. I did work up a sweat as well as a stretch. It kept to the traditional movement of each yoga class, which should move the spine in all six directions. I can see this being great for military guys or others who want to try yoga, but need a different entry point. I recommend it as a good training video, and am looking forward to adding it to my yoga routine and sequencing. I like it!”
Saeeda Hafiz, Author, The Healing

“The entire workout felt like one cohesive, flow-y, 'mind like water' experience, with a good ass-kicking dose of super slow, high-intensity training thrown in. I enjoyed it. I broke a sweat. It challenged me. In fact, even as a power yoga devotee I often found myself coming up against my edge on some of the more advanced moves and actually had to bail out of some poses early, which is a great sign as that means there's still plenty of room for me to grow here and challenge myself, in terms of strength and control.”
Eat. Flow. Sweat.

“BoxingYoga is a wonderful blend of boxing technique and philosophy with ashtanga vinyasa yoga. This style of yoga is completely new to me, the boxing-inspired asanas were challenging and provide a fresh break from traditional forms of yoga.”
Energy For Life

“If you'e never had your butt kicked by poetic movement… you're in for a treat. The BoxingYoga challenge officially ended three weeks ago. But I can't stop. I came for the affair, and woke up in a relationship. BoxingYoga lets me tap into the 'work a muscle, stretch a muscle' training philosophy, which seems to leave me with noticeably less joint pain and soreness between workouts. And what feels like a brand new back and spine. You will be faced with new physical demands, new interpretations of familiar poses, new sequences and transitions, new hold times, new combinations drawing from two disciplines. New, new, new. My spine feels like a million bucks. And my upper-body strength - especially the ability to do push-ups with greater ease - has soared thanks to the many poses in Boxing Yoga which require me to support my body weight on my hands. Also, my core is stronger and my muscle control is much improved, which I'm sure is helped by all those super slow, one-vertebrae-at-a-time decline and incline sit-ups. It's been an excellent complement to my other cardio and kettlebell kickboxing workouts.”
TerriAnn McDonald, Creator, The Well Chick Project

“Prepare to shake, stretch and break a sweat, but walk out feeling thoroughly centered.”
Women's Health

“What I liked most about this yoga class was the challenge of it. I confess that at some yoga sessions, I emerge from the hour feeling like I have done little more than lie on the mat for a bit, however with BoxingYoga, my muscles were well aware of the job in hand. Without a doubt, this is the yoga class I have enjoyed the most - stylistically, it fit my ethos that I like to feel the burn with a workout.”
Personal Trainer Magazine

“BoxingYoga is the first Yoga work-out that directly targets the areas needed by boxers and fighters, bringing together the physical elements of traditional Hatha Yoga and the technicalities of boxing.”
Yoga & Health Magazine

“BoxingYoga is a mix of traditional yoga moves and boxing technique designed to make you sweat and stretch in one class. You get yoga's mental focus and flexibility training with boxing-specific techniques emphasising punches power, and speed. Experienced yogis will recognize moves like sun salutations, warriors (imagine holding your warrior legs as normal with the addition of boxing punch arms), trees and camels, although they are modified to incorporate hooks, uppercuts and jabs. It makes for an intense and deeply uplifting endorphin rush that's both calming and stimulating at once (we love it - can you tell?)”

“The energy and focus in the room was electric, Kajza pushed us right to the edge of our energy levels, at one point I was convinced I was going to drop to the floor and never get up again! Shaking, sweating, laughing and stretching our way through 60 minutes of boxing inspired yoga moves left our belly's rumbling.”
True Yoga Collective

“The next big thing. Want to let off a bit of steam while at the same time achieving the mental serenity and poise of yoga? Then BoxingYoga™ cold be for you. It offers a serious workout, with the Boxing Goddess Sequence involving lunges, boxing weaves, punches, asanas and back bends. This new exercise technique is empowering, and you'll definitely work up a sweat as it tones your whole body. It's a mental workout, too, mixing philosophies of yoga and boxing, so in addition to learning some graceful moves, you'll feel grounded as well.”
Spirit and Destiny

“Total Boxer in North London has done a brilliant job fusing boxing and yoga into a fun, effective and totally unique workout. Yoga is tough enough as is, but focusing on balancing and holding a lunge while throwing jabs and crosses is seriously challenging.

“Whether you box or not, BoxingYoga is a fresh perspective on yoga that will take your practice to a whole new level.”
Hip and Healthy

“BoxingYoga was a fantastic workout for the core because every move required the muscles to be fired up the whole time.”

“BoxingYoga is great news for London's boxing community and for the city's yoga lovers alike. For the former it provides the opportunity to stretch out tight lower backs and hunched shoulders and to improve overall flexibility. The latter receive an intense workout without getting punched in the face.”
Yoga Magazine