BoxingYoga™ Teacher Training - Wherever you are!

BoxingYoga™ Teacher Training is designed to give anyone the confidence and skills to become a successful BoxingYoga™ Coach wherever you are in the world. The Online Course is an excellent choice if venue-based training isn't possible, or you prefer the convenience of studying at home with a private online tutor.

The BoxingYoga™ Online Teacher Training Course includes all the training, materials and support needed to become an international BoxingYoga™ Coach, certified to teach at yoga studios, boxing clubs, fitness gyms, health centres, yoga studios, sporting institutions and private venues, anywhere in the world.

It doesn't stop there. As an experienced BoxingYoga™ Coach you'll have the chance to progress to BoxingYoga™ Head Coach, and beyond, where you'll be able to deliver workshops, masterclasses and even Teacher Training courses for amazing experiences and earning opportunities.


Structured over approximately 85 hours, the BoxingYoga™ Online Teacher Training Course is broken-down as follows:

Independent Studies: 35 hours
Attending Classes & Home Workout Video practice: 20 hours
Private Online Video Consultation: 20 hours
Assessment Preparation: 5 hours
Assessment: 3 hours

A Little Help From Your Friends

Once enrolled, every student is invited to join the exclusive BoxingYoga™ Coaches Support network on Facebook.

Available throughout the Course and beyond, the private group is a fun and effective way for students to meet with the BoxingYoga™ community from all over the world.

Time and again it has proved the perfect environment to ask questions, get help, advice and support from new and experienced BoxingYoga™ Coaches, Head Coaches and Venue partners from London to Los Angeles and beyond.


Students also immediately invited to the secure, online BoxingYoga™ Learner Zone, for access to a comprehensive learning package.

The BoxingYoga™ Learner Zone, includes:

  • A detailed BoxingYoga™ Teacher Training Course PDF Manual
  • Remote Lessons Log
  • BoxingYoga™ Home Workout Video Download
  • Learning Aids
  • Recommended Reading List

All of the materials are available to the student to study before, during and after the BoxingYoga™ Teacher Training Course, in order to:

  • Familiarise with the BoxingYoga™ class structure, transitions and individual postures with anatomical illustrations descriptions and modifications.
  • Learn how BoxingYoga™ complements the boxer's training regime and how it provides boxers and athletes with competitive advantage, contributes to improved technique, prevents injury and enhances performance.
  • Learn about BoxingYoga™ teaching methods, theory and philosophy.
  • Learn how BoxingYoga™ distinguishes itself as an alternative form of yoga, and how it meets the needs of individual students with or without boxing or yoga experience.

YouR own private coach

Every student receives up to 20-hours video consultation with a BoxingYoga™ Head Coach, via Skype, FaceTime or Hangouts, to help you:

  • Master the structure, timing and function of each stage of the BoxingYoga™ class.
  • Learn to cue and demonstrate physically and verbally.
  • Develop the ability to teach a safe and effective BoxingYoga™ class with cautions and modifications.
  • Instruct and motivate students from different backgrounds.
  • Cultivate good practice, maintain patience and a positive mental attitude.
  • Learn about group dynamics and the most effective teaching strategy, from managing different learning styles to providing appropriate feedback and encouragement.
  • Learn the principles of building a successful BoxingYoga™ business; from freelance to franchise.

FINal Assessment & Certification

To receive a BoxingYoga™ Teacher Training Certificate and become qualified to teach BoxingYoga™, students must successfully deliver a BoxingYoga™ class against a set criteria.

It is recommended that within 3 months of completing the Courses, students submit a video for assessment, included free of charge.

Once qualified, all BoxingYoga™ Coaches are able to join the BoxingYoga™ Coaches Association for essential business, community and marketing support assets and services.



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