"Training as an instructor has been one of my greatest investments in this lifetime. Everyday I meet amazing humans and get to share their practice, their victories and struggles and they have all taught me something. 
It's daily lessons on overcoming challenges, about my own ego and patience, how my energy and language have a different impact on different students... Mostly though it has taught me that we are all so ALIKE, despite our appearances and behind our outwardly projected images of who we want others to believe we are, we breathe as one."

Kikki Persson, London, UK

"'Amazing' is the first word that comes to mind when speaking about the BoxingYoga Online Teacher Training Course - and I get asked quite a lot. My online teacher Kikki has been such an amazing human and coach. I learnt so much in every single online session and couldn’t wait for the next one. Going over all the BoxingYoga postures, modifications and theory was such an incredible experience and I can only recommend it to anyone who is passionate about Yoga, boxing and a healthy lifestyle. This journey went beyond my expectations and I can’t wait to continue spreading the word."
Eliana Mansyur, Berlin, Germany

"I'm so thrilled about BoxingYoga™ and being a Coach. It's by far my favorite yoga sequence to teach. The response has been fantastic and it continues to be a slow, positive build."
Lance Oldham, BoxingYoga™ Coach, USA

“I would give top rates to the quality of the BoxingYoga Teacher Training Course and would absolutely recommend it. The challenge is full on but so rewarding! Now that I am a qualified Coach I plan to offer classes within boxing and MMA gyms, weight/strength gyms and other independent studios along with private classes. BoxingYoga is a wonderful community and I feel blessed to be a part of it.”
Sally, Sales Consultant, London, UK

"Investment in BoxingYoga training will pay off quickly. In less than a year, I have seen the demand for BoxingYoga classes skyrocket in San Francisco, with teachers in strong demand. Those who have recently graduated from Yoga Garden 200-hour training and took the BoxingYoga training immediately created full teaching schedules that met their interests in teaching yoga." 
David Nelson, Partner, Yoga Garden San Francisco

"Becoming a BoxingYoga™ Coach is the best thing I've ever done. Our Parks students are my inspiration. Turning up in the heat, cold, wind, rain, week after week with hangovers, injuries and even with babies if they can't find babysitter. Working hard to get stronger and fitter. Different backgrounds, different abilities and strengths but working as one, helping and supporting each other. Most of them started with no experience of yoga or boxing - you should see them now! One of them even signed-up for BoxingYoga™ Teacher Training Course in London later this year! I'm soooo proud of them and so proud to be BoxingYoga™ Coach and see how people getting stronger mentally and physically."
Katarina Hrmonikova, BoxingYoga™ Coach

“The BoxingYoga Teacher Training Course was incredible. The coaches are some of the most inspiring people I've ever met. Kajza, Deniz and Kikki had boundless enthusiasm for BoxingYoga which is addictive to see and made us all so determined and excited to be part of BoxingYoga. The training is intense - it's hard both physically and mentally but so incredibly rewarding. It was an amazing month and being part of all that energy and determination was great. All the course notes are exceptional - I am still flicking through the manual to remind myself of the technique and sequences - there is so much detail. And the days spent in training were so thorough; we studied the class structure, but also learnt about anatomy, how to teach, how to be safe and motivating. I'd really recommend it to anyone.”
Eleanor de Zoysa, Iyengar Teacher & BoxingYoga™ Coach, UK

“The BoxingYoga Teacher Training Course was so very well organized with professional and lovely people, and with great great support at anytime, before and after the course!! I couldn't expect anything more! There is something really special about the BoxingYoga team (and now, I am soooo grateful to be a part of it, too).”
Annika Blümel, Ski instructor, Lufthansa Air Host & BoxingYoga™ Coach, Tunisia